Baby Name & Horoscope Silver


  • Birth Nakshatra Check
  • Advice on the pooja needs to be done for the inauspicious birth nakshatra
  • Suggestion for the first letter of the name based on the Birth Nakshatra and Moon Sign
  • Janma Kundali (Birth Chart)
  • Navamsa Kundali (Supporting to Birth Chart – D9 Chart)
  • Chandra Kundali (Moon Chart)
  • Surya Kundali (Sun Chart)
  • Shodashvarga (16 Divisional Charts)
  • Approximately 25 Yoga
  • Health Check, Education or Sports, Career and Wealth Details, etc.
  • Remedial measures of inauspicious yoga
  • No timing events for the baby will be given

*No Birth Time Rectification (BTR) will be done for this report. Parents to give the timing known to them, and the report will be calculated and shared. No timing events for the baby will be given.


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Focused Class

Baby up to 5 years



Give Your Baby The Right Name

The more number of times the right name is called out, the faster it becomes beneficial for the baby to become successful in its own way. It is like reciting a mantra. The more number of times the right mantra is recited, the more powerful its effects become.

Studies show that the Janma Nakshatra (Birth Constellation of Moon) is the one accountable for faster growth and success in life.

Ashish Shrungarpure has a unique way to club the Numerology with the calculations of Vedic Astrology that fetches a unique name for your baby from the birth details.
Also know in details about the health, food, and other unspoken talks of your baby. We know that even the infants speaks however, at times you need a help from the horoscope to know in advance the luck factor, interests, talents, and challenges that your baby might encounter at an early age so that the right remedial measure could be taken well in time.

Additional information

Focused Class

Baby up to 5 years

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