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With Birth Chart

  • Only for the existing client whose BTR is already done

Without Birth Chart

  • New clients (approaching for the first time), whose birth details are missing or if they’re not willing to get through the Birth Chart analysis can opt for the Time Chart (Horary Astrology) analysis and remedial measures
  • There’s an accurate and assured method which is called Time Chart (Horary Astrology) or Prasna Kundali (प्रश्न कुंडली)
  • The time when the Jataka (person in subject), Jyotish (astrologer) and panchaga (ephemeris) are spotted together is captured and the horoscope of that date-time-location is plotted
    • This horoscope forecasts everything about the question or concern of the Jataka at that point in time and ensures the correct remedial measures 

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Focused Class

21 years and above, Age 5 to 21 years, Baby up to 5 years, Individuals



Any one subject in 30 Minutes

Personal ConcernsBusiness Concerns
Female Horoscopy | स्त्री जातक​Start-Up Idea / New Business Idea / Line of Business Or Proprietorship
Health AstrologyBusiness Setup or Expansion In Domestic Or Foreign Land
Disease & RecoveryIssues With Colleagues / Boss / Business Partner
Personal Wealth AstrologyBusiness Health & Wealth
Love, Affair & RelationshipLegal Matters
Match Making For MarriageMatch Making Business Partner
Marriage Configuration Individual CheckAny Other Professional Subject
Divorce Problem
Pregnancy / Progeny / Children
Kid's Crankiness Habit and Behavior
Kid's Future Endeavour
Line of Career
Job Change / Challenge
Foreign Travel / Migration
Success Direction & Time - Bhagyodaya
Legal Issues
Purpose Of Your Birth
Voice Of Your Soul
Pet's Horoscope
Any Other Personal Subject

Additional information

Focused Class

21 years and above, Age 5 to 21 years, Baby up to 5 years, Individuals

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