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Ashish Shrungarpure
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Ashish Shrungarpure manually prepares the horoscope and defines the path for eternal success purely on the Triskandh Jyotish where mathematics, astrological principles, and rules vary for every individual, including twins. A very disciplined approach and a ritual conduct has always rewarded his clients by transferring his positive energy to their success.

SubjectsTotal Persons in SubjectDuration
Female Horoscopy | स्त्री जातक​One Person30 Min
Health AstrologyOne Person30 Min
Wealth AstrologyOne Person30 Min
Wealth AstrologyTwo Persons; Couple60 Min
Love, Affair & RelationshipOne Person30 Min
Love, Affair & RelationshipTwo Persons; Couple60 Min
Marriage ConfigurationOne Person30 Min
Match MakingTwo Persons; Couple60 Min
Divorce ProblemOne Person30 Min
Divorce ProblemTwo Persons60 Min
Pregnancy / Progeny / ChildrenTwo Persons60 Min
Kid’s CrankinessOne Person30 Min
Kid’s HabitOne Person30 Min
Kid’s Future EndeavourOne Person30 Min
Line of CareerOne Person30 Min
Business ConfigurationOne Person60 Min
Business ConfigurationTwo Persons; Business Partner120 Min
Start-Up Idea / New Business IdeaOne Person60 Min
Start-Up Idea / New Business IdeaTwo Persons; Business Partner120 Min
Job Change / ChallengeOne Person30 Min
Foreign Travel / MigrationOne Person30 Min
Success Direction & Time – BhagyodayaOne Person30 Min
Issues With Colleagues / BossOne Person30 Min
Issues With Business PartnerOne Person30 Min
Issues With Business PartnerTwo Persons; Business Partner60 Min
Legal Matters – One MatterOne Person30 Min
Legal Matters – Two MattersOne Person60 Min
Legal Matters – Multiple MattersOne Person120 Min
Relation With ParentsOne Person30 Min
Relation With ParentsOne Person30 Min
Pet’s HoroscopeOne Pet30 Min
Guidance on Mantra RecitationOne Person30 Min
Any Other SubjectAny Number of PersonsTime Based


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Sadhana Success 99%
Ratipriya Yakshini, Dhanada Ratipriya, Rati, Ratipriya, धनदा रतिप्रिया, धनदा रतिप्रिया यक्षिणी, Dhanata Ratipriya Yakshini, Yakshini, यक्षिणी, Dhanadeshwari, धनदेश्वरी, धनदा रतिप्रिया यक्षिणी मंत्र​, धनदा रतिप्रिया यक्षिणी तंत्र​, Dhanada Ratipriya Yakshini Mantra, Dhanada Ratipriya Yakshini Yantra, Ratipriya Yakshini Mantra, Ratipriya Yakshini Yantra, रतिप्रिया यक्षिणी मंत्र​, रतिप्रिया यक्षिणी तंत्र​, Ashish Shrungarpure, Sri Anjanil, Roma Shatani, Khushi
Ashish Shrungarpure

Ratipriya Yakshini Sadhana | रतिप्रिया यक्षिणी साधना

“श्री धनदा रतिप्रिया यक्षिणी” संपूर्ण साधना पुस्तिका संकल्प विषय यह साधना स्त्री जातक और पुरुष जातक दोनो कर सक्ते है । डिफ़ॉल्ट रूप से ७ दिन, १३ दिन, २१ दिन​, और ४० दिन के संकल्प दिये जायेंगे ।

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