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Ashish Shrungarpure
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Vedic Astrology Personal Horoscope Consultation Sri Anjanil Ashish Shrungarpure
Mode of Learning

In-calss at Magarpatta, Pune - Maharashtra


Online Sessions

Vedic Astrology - Level 1

Language of study – English/Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati

Duration – 30 Hours

Fees – Rs. 5,000/-

  • Understanding the horoscope
  • Understanding and analyzing the 12 Bhava/ Houses 
  • Understanding and interpreting the 12 Rasi/ Signs
  • Understanding and measuring the Graha/ Planets 
  • Understanding and matching the Nakshatra/ Constellations 
  • 10 principles of Phaladesh/ Predictions 
  • 10 important Yoga of Phaladesh/ Predictions 
  • Bhavat bhav phaladesh/Predictions with the houses’ internal relationship
  • Prasna Kundali/ Question Horoscope/ Time Chart/ Horary Astrology 
  • Guna Milan/ Match Making
  • Introduction of Remedial measures by Mantra and Stone

Level 1 Test – 100 marks. Passing score 80% to enter Level 2

Vedic Astrology - Level 2

Language of study – English/Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati

Duration – 90 Hours

Fees – Rs. 18,500/-

Prerequisite – Level 1 with minimum 80% score in the test

Jyotish Ganit Manual Calculation

  • Kundali Plotting from Panchanga
  • Spashta Lagna/Correction of Ascendant
  • Spashta Graha/ Calculating accurate position of the planets
  • Calculation of Janma Nakshtra & Graha Panchdhamaitrichakra

Understanding Panchang as per Hindu Calendar

  • Understanding of Vaar, Tithi, Karan, Yoga
  • Understanding Panchang calendar months
  • Calculating Rahu Kalam & Gulik Kalam
  • Understanding Choghadiya

Samagra Graha Vichar/ Understanding the planets and their yoga

  • The Sun
  • The Moon
  • The Mars (Includes Mangalik Dosh)
  • The Mercury
  • The Jupiter
  • The Venus
  • The Saturn (Includes Shani Sade Sati)
  • The Rahu (Includes Kal Sarp Dosha / Eclipse)
  • The Ketu ((Includes Kal Sarp Dosha / Eclipse)

Graha Yoga/ Result of planetary associations

  • Pitra Dosh
  • Ansh Yoga (Degree Yoga)
  • Kartari Yoga
  • Speed of the planets and their results (Direct/Retrograde/Slow/Fast)
  • Results of Maandi and Gulic

Nakshatra Jyotish

  • Understanding Rasi/Signs in detail
  • Understanding Nakshatra/Constellations in detail

Shadabala & Rashmi bala Analysis 

  • Anyonya Yoga, Badhakesh, Karak Marak Yoga, Nabhas Yoga, & other Yoga (10 hours)

Shodash Varga/Divisional Chart

Vimshottari Dasha System

  • Calculating Maha Dasha & Antar Dasha Period
  • Result of Dasha on Natal

Gochar phala/ Transit of planets 

  • Calculating Maha Dasha & Antar Dasha Period
  • Result of Dasha on Natal

Level 2 Test – 100 marks. Passing score 80% to study Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra or Vedic Muhurat

Bṛhat Parāśara Horā Śāstra

The ultimate Śāstra to become an accurate astrologer

Language of study – English/Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati

Duration – 90 Hours

Fees – Rs. 23,000/-

Prerequisite – Level 1 & Level 2 with minimum 80% score in each

Vedic Muhurat

Language of study – English/Hindi/Marathi/Gujarati

Duration – 50 Hours

Fees – Rs. 9,500/-

Prerequisite – Level 1 & Level 2 with minimum 80% score in each

  • Auspicious time and its strength

  • Inauspicious time and exceptions

  • Muhurat for 16 Sanskaras i.e. Shodash Sanskar

    • Pre-natal

      • Garbhādhāna (attaining the wealth of the womb)

      • Puṁsavana (engendering a male issue)

      • Sīmantonnayana (last trimester of pregnancy to wish for safe delivery)

    • Childhood

      • Jātakarman (celebrates the birth of a child)

      • Nāmakaraṇa (naming ceremony)

      • Niṣkramaṇa (father makes the child look at the Sun)

      • Annaprāśana (marks an infant’s first intake of food other than milk)

      • Cūḍākaraṇa (or mundane i.e. arrangement of the hair tuft)

      • Karṇavedha (an ear piercing ceremony)

    • Educational

      • Vidyārambha (children are formally introduced to learning of music, dance, languages and other folk arts, education)

      • Upanayana (marked the acceptance of a student by a guru (teacher) and an individual’s entrance to a school)

      • Vedārāmbha (learning of Vedas and Upanishads in a Gurukulam)

      • Keśānta (connected with the first shaving of a student’s beard)

      • Samāvartana (the end of formal education and the Brahmacharya asrama)

    • Marriage

      • Vivāha (marriage based on cosmic laws and advanced ancient practices)

    • Last

      • Antyeṣṭi (refers to the funeral rites for the dead)

  • Travel, house building & general matters

  • Medical Muhurta

  • Other Muhurta

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Strictly Observe –

The science of Astrology

Horoscope, Numerology, Palmistry, Vastu Shastra & other science is beyond the rules of planets, signs, constellations and numbers given in any book. Vedic texts suggest that the work of great virtue and perseverance is the only way to become an accurate astrologer, unlike someone who predicts merely with the knowledge of zodiacal configuration, some mathematics and rules studied from the books.

Practical application of the above understanding is subject to one’s own choices and it is recommended only after taking suggestion from a Subject Matter Expert.

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Strictly Observe –

Ved-Puran-Samhia-Other Literature

The texts from Veda, Puran, Samhita or other literature is not subject to anyone’s copyright however, they may belong to the ownership of the original translators who have modified them and put open for the research purposes of others. Texts on https://srianjanil.com is either our own research work or concatenated or copied from the reliable sources who have authorized it to use for the non-commercial purposes. Our purpose to make such texts available on the common platform of https://srianjanil.com is purely to spread the knowledge and awareness of ancient sciences and their roots to the people. We do neither believe nor favour the casteism or any religious inclination. And we do not intend to spread a favouritism for any culture. In some texts the purpose of following the word for word translations and grammatical direction is purely to convey the non-modified meaning of the effort of a genius translator or author of the literature. If the text is copied from other source, the reference is mentioned in either the same article or the introduction of that particular literature. In case of a mention or a miss in the reference, https://srianjanil.com do not claim any ownership of the text nor are responsible for the meaning drawn or not drawn from the same. In footnotes and between curly brackets {___} sometimes a little comment and extra info is given to accommodate the reader when the original text is drawing from a more experienced approach. One is free to copy, distribute and alter the text on the condition of attribution (refer to the name of Ashish Shrungarpure and to our website address https://srianjanil.com), that the resulting work can only be distributed under the non-commercial purpose and that one cannot use the text for commercial purposes. For all other usage one will have to contact us or the reference of the original text (mentioned in the articles under ‘as is’ basis).


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