अकल्पित​ धन योग​ – Unexpected Wealth Gain

दैवं फलती सर्वत्र न विद्या नच पौरुषम् । समुद्रामंथनालोभे हरिलक्ष्मी: हरेविष​: ॥ One needs to check, if s/he is destined to be wealthy. The curiosity lies in an unexpected gain of wealth. Main houses for “Unexpected Wealth Gain” are- Second House (2H) Fifth House (5H) Eighth House (8H) Eleventh House (11H) Are you destined to …

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The Right Astrologer

The Right Astrologer ॥ दैवं तच्चितगं स्फुरति ॥ Despite having thousands of rules & options, there’s no specific rule in the predictive astrology to forecast. And that’s where the original texts need modification and correction in many way by continuous research. Where the mathematics and predictive astrology are meant for the welfare of mankind, people …

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Female Horoscope | स्त्री जातक​

Women Superiority Humanity is divided into three grand gendered divisions. Females, Males and Eunuchs. There is also a small section called Hermaphrodites who are neither males nor females but who partake of both characteristics. Women never occupied an inferior position in the society, religion, politics or spiritual development. The Sastras never called them chattels, which …

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