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Female Horoscope | स्त्री जातक​

Ashish Shrungarpure
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Sri Anjanil Female Horoscope, Stri Jataka, Health Astrology

Women Superiority

Humanity is divided into three grand gendered divisions. Females, Males and Eunuchs. There is also a small section called Hermaphrodites who are neither males nor females but who partake of both characteristics.

Women never occupied an inferior position in the society, religion, politics or spiritual development. The Shastra never called them chattels, which can be disposed of by men at their sweet will and pleasure.

The Veda Mantras honor women before husband showing unmistakenly the high rank

मातापितृभ्याम् नमः । MataPitrubhyam Namah |

उमामहेश्वराभ्याम् नमः । UmaMaheshwarabhyam Namah |

लक्ष्मीनारायणाभ्याम् नमः । LaxmiNarayanabhyam Namah |

शचिपुरन्दराभ्याम् नमः । SachiPurandarabhyam Namah |

and so forth…

“The Puranas / Vedas never treated women with ill-grace”

The highest appointments in religion are given to the ladies in preference to males. Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara come after their spouses for respect and worship. Vasishta comes after his chaste wife Arundhati. Anusuya is held in the highest esteem above her revered husband Attrimaharshi. While the Maharshis are the brightest intellects, none of them got the post of Inspector-General of Education, which enviable post, among all the 33 crores of Devatas, is held by Saraswathi the Goddess of Learning. All have to pray to her for progress in education and intelligence and fall on her feet to get them. Take the money power. It has been granted to a woman and Lakshmi holds that enviable post. She is the Goddess of Wealth. All political power to punish the wicked and protect the innocent has not been invested in a man, but in a woman, viz., Parvathi or Durga, the spouse of Siva and the Goddess of Destruction.

Even today the wife sits on the right side of her husband in all religious ceremonies among the Hindus. Their sacred works, the Upanishads, cry loudly and give preference to mother, as against father. They say Matru Devo Bhava, then comes the father, Pitru Devo Bhava. The debt to father is cleared by doing death ceremonies or Sraddha in Gaya. But the debt to the mother will not be cleared till a man renounces the world, becomes a Sanyasi and falls on her feet.

Draupadi incident from Mahabharata is no controversy to the honor of women

To quote many instances to show that the Hindus never held their women as chattels to be disposed of but as Deities who have given birth to men and held them in high esteem, and if Dharmaraja staked his wife Draupati in the gambling, he did so in an unholy trace and against his Kshatriya Conscience and Dharma. Whether it is Dharmaraja or anybody else, gambling has never been justified as a righteous act by any Sastras or moral religious codes. He also staked his brothers and made them ignoble and go to Ajnatavasa or state of incognito for a long period. This was not all the folly of him. He staked his own liberty and took up the disgraceful position of serving Virata in humble capacity. The brothers and Draupati were not bound by his stake in gambling but they yielded as honourable personages to preserve the honourable promise of a man in a dishonourable transaction. Suppose they rebelled and disobeyed, it was not in Dharmaraja’s power to compel them if they had not yielded to preserve the discipline of obedience to their elder brother. Draupati was not treated as a chattel nor the four brothers of Dharmaraja.

The recognized identities

The prizes to the monkey warriors of Rama after the conquest of Lanka were distributed in the public assembly by Seetha and not by Rama.

One of our fine mathematical works was written by Leelavathi called after her name and she was the worthy daughter of Bhaskaracharya, the
famous astrologer and mathematician in the 9th century A.D.

One of our great medical works was written by Lollamba and is now well known as Lollambarajiya.

Rudramba, the grandmother of Pratapa Rudra II, ruled over the extensive empire of Warangal successfully and prosperously for over 45 years and led her armies to success and conquest in person. Her splendid administration has been installed as a model one by the great Chinese traveller Huenetsang.

Instances of courage, chastity, prudence and administrative tact and capacity have been recorded in the histories of the Mahrattas and the Rajputs, of women, who have figured prominently before the public.

Why Astrology?

Women are now advancing rapidly on various fines, and their horoscopes all over the world are composed of varieties of temperaments.

Astrology helps to read the character and fortunes of individuals. After having read them correctly, try your best to modify or avert the evil influences and turn them to your advantage by the previous knowledge of future events. Remedies are recommended by the science of

Astrology and Dharmasastras and they should be adopted in all cases, where they are likely to produce beneficial results by averting and modifying the evils.

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Strictly Observe –

The science of Astrology

Horoscope, Numerology, Vastu Shastra or any other science is beyond the rules of planets, signs, constellations and numbers given in any book. Vedic texts suggest that the work of great virtue and perseverance is the only way to become an accurate astrologer, unlike someone who predicts merely with the knowledge of zodiacal configuration, some mathematics and rules studied from the books.

Practical application of the above understanding is subject to one’s own choices, and it is recommended only after taking suggestions from a Subject Matter Expert.

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